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"Vuelvo al Sur" - Canciones de Astor Piazzolla

Trio Luz y Sombra together with baritone Nicolás Lartaun, present a concert program in which the instrumental music of Astor Piazzolla forms the framework for his remarkable songs and ballads. Cleverly selected and specially arranged, word and sound, voice and instrument complement each other and together create a multifaceted togetherness.

The big themes of tango come to the front: love, longing and homeland.

They are staged by the violin, clarinet and piano, sometimes delicate and sophisticated, sometimes powerful and energetic. Thus, the three musicians create a stage for their guest, who recites Piazzolla's most famous songs such as Vuelvo al Sur and Balada para un loco with great gesture and touching voice.


Nicolás Lartaun - Baritone 

Miriam Erttmann - Violin

Cora Rott - Clarinet 

Katja Steinhäuser - Piano

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...or translated, "The first bouquet of flowers, collected from the garden of Bellerofonte" is a collection of music from Bellerofonte Castaldi published in 1623.

This concert is a renaissance of several songs from this book, along with music by Francesca Caccini, Girolamo Frescobaldi, Claudio Monteverdi

and Hieronymus Kapsberger.

This selection of secular songs and monodies offer a wide palette of affetti: from divine bliss, to human joy and even to despair.  Emotions filled with deep moral revelations, existential questions and ecstatic states of love.

The recitar cantando or  singing declamation, the richness of virtuosic embellishments and the seductive rhythms  are performed by the theorbo, the Baroque guitar and the human voice, giving a sublime sample of the compositional diversity that these masters of the Primo barocco cultivated. 

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Nicolas Lartaun - Baritone

Lukas Henning - Theorbo

Ricardo Leitão Pedro - Baroque guitar

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       Oferi consort was born thanks to the

Kosmostage festival in July 2015 in the well renowned house of arts Radialsystem V  in Berlin.

For this occasion has been commissioned works of Gesualdo da Venosa, Guillaume de Machaut, etc. Played along with the most variated stiles and musical perspectives.

Oferi is a vocal consort with a versatile geometry and also of specialized singers chosen for each occasion.

Organized by baritone Nicolás Lartaun. A consort

whose goal is to cover varied repertoires from an historically informed interpretation.


Veri signum Amoris, the "True Sign of Love", with its varied compositions of renaissance and baroque, tells of a journey into the spheres of true spiritual love - even if it takes place between two persons - and of Signa Amoris, the so-called "lovesickness".

This concert spirituel connects like a golden chain all parts of the mighty song of praise Magnificat, whose healing tones from the Renaissance period takes the listener on a real ceremony and an expressive meditation.

Binding each moment with a version of the Song of Songs, or with the diminutions of a Palestrina Madrigal  or, songs of hope and a big cantata of praise to the divine love written by Giacomo Carissimi.

Adrian Willaert - Heinrich Scheidemann 

Cristóbal de Morales - Giacomo Carissimi  

Claudio Monteverdi 


Nicolás Lartaun - Baritone

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